Zortadon't (zortified) wrote in spankdeer,

Little Crooked House I

Xander looked around. The building interior was lit with only security lighting, dark enough to hide two trespassers but light enough to prevent anyone with excellent night sight from crowing about it.

"So, where's this office supposed to be?" Spike demanded, sounding as if he didn't care if the security guard woke up early from Willow's spell. She'd promised them it would remain in force until they left the building, but Xander was still worried. Her spells weren't perfect, and even one as simple as this, when cast from a distance, could go wrong.

Besides, he was stuck breaking and entering with *Spike*. How could nothing go wrong?

"Thirteenth floor," Xander answered.

Spike stopped dead. XAnder turned, bewildered.


"Thirteenth floor? Are you mad?"

Xander stared in total confusion at the vampire. Then it hit him, and he laughed. "Don't tell me -- you're superstitious?" He kept laughing as Spike glared.

"Right, laugh all you want. But, come here. Look." Spike grabbed Xander by the shirt, and dragged him over to the elevators. He pointed at the directory.

Xander looked, but didn't see anything. "What am I looking for? A sign that says 'vampires must use stairs'?"

"Funny. Do you see anything that says 'floor thirteen'?"

"Um. No. But Giles *said* it was on the thirteenth floor." He leaned forward and pressed the 'up' arrow. "We'll just go up and see."

Spike grumbled something that sounded insulting, but Xander ignored it. He'd been playing out-wit the vampire all evening, and he was getting tired of it. Mostly because whenever Spike seemed about to lose, he resorted to calling Xander things in languages he couldn't understand. Like British English. Spike shoved his hands into his pockets and acted like he wasn't about to go *anywhere*, but when the elevator doors opened, he got on with Xander.

Xander grinned, and hit the '13' button triumphantly. "Ye of Little Faith."

"Ye of Little Brain. Don't you ever watch films like Being John Malkovich? Twilight Zone? Outer Limits?"

Xander couldn't believe the sincerity with which Spike was complaining. "Spike, relax. We're just gonna go find this office, ransack it a little, locate the book, and leave."

The doors pinged open and Xander looked out.

Everything looked perfectly normal.

"Why aren't you getting off the elevator, then?" Spike asked.

"Right. Getting off, now." He could hear Spike smirking, as they exited the elevator. Xander heard the doors close, and began looking for a floor directory. He glanced behind him. "Spike?"

"No. *Don't* say it."

"Spike, the elevator's gone."

"Can I say I told you so, now?"
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