Zortadon't (zortified) wrote in spankdeer,

Little Crooked House III

A perfectly normal office. A perfectly harmless-looking office. It was the exact sort of office one did not expect to find while breaking into an office building in Sunnydale with a vampire for a cohort. In some small way it was reassuring that at least the elevator had vanished.

Xander managed to not babble by keeping his jaw clamped tightly shut. If he babbled now, he'd only be giving Spike more ammunition to use against him, later. He instead focused his attention on searching the room as best he could without actually touching anything.

He didn't see any books. He walked around to the other side of the desk, ignoring the way Spike was just standing in the middle of the office not doing anything. Still no book. Xander sighed.

"You know it might be in one of those drawers, on behind the cabinet doors. Might even be in the safe behind the fake Monet behind the desk." He nodded at the painting that was hung where, in a nicer office, there would have been a window.

Xander frowned. "Yeah? So why aren't you searching through any of them, nimrod?"

Spike flipped him off. "Why aren't you?"

"Because then I'd have to touchHow do you know it's a fake?" Xander looked at the painting again. It looked like all of those posters and postcards he'd ever seen which had "Monet" written sideways in the margin.

"You trying living with Angelus, and not learning the difference."

"OK, I'm sorry I asked. That was too much information, and now I'm getting images." Xander tried to put his hands over his head, so he could hide and make the bad things go away. But he still had the flashlight in his hand, and Spike was snickering at him. Xander settled for giving him the dirtiest dirty look he could manage. Then he jumped, and spun around. "What was that?"

There had been a thump from the other side of the second door.
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